lolixoxo (lolixoxo) wrote in oth_everything,

Puck & Brooke - Just a little girl

Finally I made a new video! I lost my ispiration, and I'm not really happy about how this video came out! AT ALL! =(
I thinked that this two would have make a wonderful couple, and I still think so, but it s been difficult to make a decent storyline!! I didn't had soo many scenes of Puck, I need to wait till April for that. That sucks.
I think I will do more of them, if you like the pairing, hoping the result will be better then this. Please comment if you like =D

-I need to talk to you.
-I think I'm pregnant.
-.I'm gonna do everything that I can, to be a good dad to our baby.
-I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Song: Just a little girl - Trading yesterday.

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