lolixoxo (lolixoxo) wrote in oth_everything,

Alex&Julian - What if

Please Watch in HQ and comment if you like :)
Nothing special to say about this! I know I probabily say it in EVERY video I post, but i do not like it xD
The beginning is nice, but the end...totally random. I started this video a looooong time ago, but with the school and the exams I couldn't finish it until now; so the result is: I had lost all my ispiration and my interest in this couple LOL
Not that i don't like them anymore...just I wasn't passionate THAT much as I was when I starded the video :(
What else? I should have more time now to do videos, and I hope I will do some EELG video soon! Stay tuned if you are interest =D

Comments are ALWAYS appreciated =D

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