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Welcome to oth_everything, the place for everything One Tree Hill! In this community you may post your icons, pictures of the cast members, headers, banners, or even your thoughts on an episode of One Tree Hill. We want you to enjoy this community as much as you enjoy the show itself!

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The rules are simple. We only ask a few things of you:
1. Please don't be rude to any of the other members of the community. They deserve as much respect as you.
2. Never bad-mouth the headers, icons, or banners anyone has made. I'm sure they've worked hard on them.
3. ONLY join this community if you are a fan of OTH. If you weren't, it would be pointless.
4. You are allowed to post promotions for other communities, but only if they involve OTH.
5. HAVE FUN, and get others to join. This community was made for your enjoyment, and we want you to love it!
6. Don't go to the personal journals of the maintainers and ask questions. You will get banned. Please ask on here. =)
7. Please don't steal icons, headers, or banners without giving credit if it was asked for. If anyone does this, please tell us.

Also, please fill out this form below if you're new to the community or you haven't filled it out yet. It's just a simple way for us to get to know you!

♥Favorite OTH characters:
♥Who do you think should hook up in the long run?
♥Season 1 or 2?

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Your maintainers are xprittynpinkx&forget_us. If you have any questions, please ask us in this community. If you would like to be a maintainer, we will hold a contest to see who we will turn maintainership over to if we ever decide to leave the communtiy.


Thanks, and happy One Tree Hilling!

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